Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Florida Vacation

We headed to Florida, a work vacation for Smith Rexall Drug, at the end of July. We had a blast relaxing and enjoying some of the attractions. We went with Doug's sister Kris and her family and we also went with the pharmacist and our friends Chris and Emily. We stayed at the Orlando Marriott Resort, it was a spectacular place to stay. This work vacation was ran by Cardinal Health and they did a superb job of keeping us happy and entertained. Braxton was able to go to Camp Cardinal everyday, he had so much fun and they had so many exciting activities for him. He called it preschool. Every night we had something to keep us entertained. One night we had the comedian and impersonator Frank Caliendo. He does some awesome impersonations, George Bush is one of his best. The last night we were there they had Michelle Branch come and sing it was so neat! Well here are some of our pics from our fun vacation, hope you enjoy.

Braxton on the bus heading to the Orlando Marriott Resort, he loves crabby patties.

Cousin Craig and his friend Ben.

We ate at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney with Emily and Chris.

We took a little boat ride to other side of Downtown Disney.

Braxton likes Buzz.

Ummmm.....Guys What are you thinking?

The alligator is smiling at us.

Boggy Creek Airboat ride

Nice smile Doug! You can see the clouds are coming in. Every afternoon we got big Thunder clouds and rain.

Braxton at Camp cardinal

Having fun swimming in their enormous pool.

We had a family day at Universal Studios. The Hulk rollercoaster was by far the best.

Heading home, I don't know what we would have done with out Craig's video IPod. We need to invest in one of those.

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Robyn said...

Looks like you had so much fun! One of these days I will make it there! You have been a vacationing made women! So fun! Happy Birhtday by the way too!