Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Strawberry Days 2009

We had a funfilled Strawberry Days week this year, even despite the rain, here are a few of the things we did.

Strawberry Pies
Every year Smith Rexall Drug has a wheel that customers can spin to win prizes and one of the prizes is a strawberry pie, so we helped Linda again this year with Strawberry Pies. I just got a picture of the cut and cleaned berries, I forgot to get an actually picture of one of the pies.

Huck Finn Days
This is our 2nd annual Huck Finn Days and we were more prepared this year, for one we brought Papa, so he could do the actually fishing, and we also brought nets this year to catch some fish. I caught two fish, Dad caught one fish, and Damon caught one fish. We had so much fun trying to catch the fish, well I had fun, Braxton was a little nervous to go in the water with fish, were did he come from?

Papa helping the grandkids fish.

Braxton and I ready to jump in and find some fish.

Our first fish we caught.

Trying to feel for fish hitting my legs.

Finally Braxton has some courage to come in the water with me.

Here's one of our fishies.

It was quite rainy for the Rodeo this year. We didn't get to as many nights this year as we usually do, but as usual the rodeo burgers and strawberry and cream were the best. Braxton did the mutton bustin this year again and I have video, but I will have to post that later, when Doug can help me hook it up. Braxton surprised us all and rode really well. He held on tight and got an 85. We thought he was going to take first, but the third to last kid rode for an 86, so he took 2nd. He did a great job and it was so fun to watch him.
Kissin cousins

Mammoth Parade
We enjoyed our usual spot in front of the Drug Store. It was perfect weather for a parade, especially since we were under the overhang.

Gavin and Braxton excited to watch the parade.

Camille and Mom, Logan was playing tennis in the Strawberry Days tournament, and he did really well considering the rain.

Tiff and Jordan

Malori, Madison, Gretchen, Hailey, and Eric

Lexi, Cora, and a big grin from Brian B.

It was nice of him to take a picture with me and smile.

Dad is on the neighborhood chair committee

Kyson won the Baby Contest in the 0-3 month boys. He had a nice snooze.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Logan & Camille's Wedding

Logan and Camille were married on Friday in the Mt. Timpagnogos Temple. It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun sharing in their celebration.

Logan and Camille coming out of the temple.

Logan and is buds Carlton and Max.

Minor adjustments to the clothing.

Now that Logan is married, Max "is the best guy ever"

The Wedding Lucheon was in my Parent's beautiful yard.

Too hot!

First Two Weeks Of Summer!

I thought I would finally blog about some of the fun things we have been up to so far this summer.

Thanksgiving Point Children's Garden

San Diego
Doug totally surprised me for our 9th Anniversary with a trip to San Diego. I had no idea till the morning we flew out, and to our surprise our good friends Jake and Kallee were also going to be there that weekend as well, so we had fun hanging out together. We went to the Ocean beach pier, which is suppose to be one of the longest. We went to Coronado Island, The Gaslamp district, a Padre's Baseball Game, and a spur of the moment decision to Disneyland for the day. I wish I had more pictures, but it wasn't very easy to carry a camera around everywhere. We had a blast! Thanks Jake and Kallee and especially Doug.

Ocean Beach Pier

Coronado Island

The View of Mission Bay off our hotel balcony.

Swimming Lessons

Itty Bitty Ball