Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Yesterday was Doug's 32nd birthday. We just wanted to give him a shout out and tell him Happy Birthday! Here are some words to describe my wonderful husband and our awesome Daddy.

Dashingly handsome!
Only the biggest teaser.
U can always make me smile and laugh
Abundantly working hard
Selfless, always so generous( like his dad)

We Love You So Much!

2008 Beijing Olympics

The Olympics was so exciting to watch. I love watching the Summer Olympics! Especially because I was able to see many of the sports that aren't televised much on television. I posted some of my favorite moments from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Maybe they are some of yours as well.


Micheal Phelps was by far the greatest to watch in these Olympics. He is unbelievable, 8 gold medals.

I could not believe this relay!

I loved his reaction after the butterfly it was the same reaction I had. Okay maybe his was much better.

Nice Abs!


Doug cheered just as hard as I did, if not more, for Shawn Johnson to get a Gold.

This was so awesome James Blake beat Roger Federer in the Quarter Finals.

Track and Field
Of course my favorite Pole Vault!

Yelena Isinbayeva broke her world record with a jump of 16 6 3/4. All I can say is Incredible!

Jenn Stuczynski the American record holder took home the silver. She has only been jumping for four years, That is Awesome!

Who knows maybe if I had jumped another two years I would have been there too. Just kidding I wish!

Usain Bolt, amazing athlete broke Michael Johnson 200m. record.

The Sprints were exciting to watch. The Jamaicans sure were the Sprint powerhouses this year though.

It was nice to see that the USA could run the 4X400m. relays without dropping the batons. I wish they could have in the 4X100m. relays.


I loved watching beach volleyball. My dream job! Misty May and Kerry Walsh are definitely the best beach women volleyball players.

Dalhausser has a sick vertical.

Indoor Volleyball

This victory was so sweet especially with what had happened with Coach McCutcheon's in-laws.

I liked this picture of Glass. She looks like a spider.

The Redeem Team did redeem themselves with a Gold! It was enjoyable to watch how different they were this year in supporting the other US atheletes in their sports. I love this shot with Williams and Boozer.

What an Olympics! Can't wait for the next ones in Vancouver and London.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Steamboat Springs

The day after we got back from Florida, Braxton and I headed to Steamboat Springs with my family for vacation. I don't know if I would recommend having vacations that close together, but we did have fun in Steamboat Springs Colorado. Here are some pics of all the adventures we had in Steamboat Springs.

When we got to our condo. The Master bedroom had this huge jacuzzi tub and that was first thing the kids wanted to do swim in the tub.

When we were out shopping on Steamboats cute little Main Street, one of the shops owners had this huge Alaskan Malamute dogs and he was so friendly. His name was Bosco.

Good Ol' Benjamin Franklin

I celebrated my 27th birthday.

We took a tour of their Olympic ski jumping facilities. It is one of the oldest ski jumps in the west. It is on Howelsens Hill.

We took a chair lift up to the top of the hill.

This is looking out over Steamboat Springs. It is so beautiful. This town is very similar to Park City.

We enjoyed relaxing in some of the Hot Springs.

We hiked up the canyon to see The Falls and it is a gorgeous sight.

Braxton and I played in the water below The Falls.

What a little monkey!

They have a really neat bike path, so we rented some bikes and went on a beautiful bike ride. Unfortunetly this is the only picture I have of the bike ride.

My mom loves gardens, so we found a botanical garden.

Braxton had fun running around on all the different paths.