Saturday, December 17, 2011

3 days

Avery is almost here!!! I think getting nervous about it three weeks ago, has given me time to not be so nervous now, and to be more excited for her to come. I still don't need her to be out till Tuesday. I still have a few more days to enjoy sleep, mostly I get nervous about the c-section and recovery, but I think we are as prepared as we are going to be, so I have a kind of peace about it now. Its really fun to see Braxton be so excited for her to come, its like two Christmas' for him. I know everything will go well, and I am really excited to see who she will look like, so here is my ready to pop, three days to go picture.

Santa 1 more time

We have been lucky to see Santa so many times this year. Bailey loves Santa, she sits in his lap. That's what she tells everyone when she sees or talks about Santa. Sometimes she is scared and sometimes she just runs right up to him. Brynn and I were lucky enough to get to sit on santa's lap too. My present will arrive just in time for Christmas, but Brynn will have to wait till after the New Year.

Making a Gingerbread house

Logi finally got done with school and can now play, so him and Braxton put together their Gingerbread house. Before he got off work that night we were lucky enough to get to watch Sadie for a little bit. Gave us a little glimpse what to expect in a few days.

Braxton and Bailey love Sadie, and it makes Braxton so excited for Avery to arrive.

Bailey loves the Santa hat.

Bailey's new thing is coloring on paper, not table. She really could of cared less about making the gingerbread house, but she enjoyed the candy on it the next day.

Braxton and Logan working hard to decorate their gingerbread house.

The finished product.

1st Grade Christmas Program

Braxton had his 1st grade Christmas Program, They did Dr. Seuss' "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". It was fun to listen to him practice at home and it was fun to see him perform it that night. He had such a great time performing it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Projects and Bailey's Room

Since Christmas shopping is done I have been trying to get other projects done before the baby comes, because I know it will take me forever to do them after the baby comes. Bailey has a new room and a big girl bed and she has done so awesome with sleeping in a big girl bed. I finished her name on the wall, now if I can just get Doug to hang her purple curtains. It has been fun to decorate her room. I changed out Bailey's name for Avery's name in her room, so that is one more project done and I finally made a hair bow holder for all the bows and flowers we have. I think we are about ready for our Avery to come, now if I can just relax and enjoy this last week.

Bailey's new room, I will have to show more pictures when it is all the way done.

The hair bow holder. You can't really see how cute it is with all the bows and flowers on it, I should have taken a picture before I put them all on. It was so easy to make too.

Avery's name.

Santa Again

The kids got to see Santa again, this time at Macey's, and I actually got Bailey to sit in his lap.

Temple Square Lights

We made the trip up to Temple Square with the Spence Fam. I always love looking at the Christmas lights. My favorite is the huge tree with red lights.

Watching the Nativity

I had to wear Doug's coat, I can't fit into any of mine right now.

The Spence Family

Sadie having a peek.

Jackman Family

Losee Family

Mom and Dad, Aaron was with us too, but somehow did not get a picture of him.

Gardner Village

We have made a tradition to find an ornament each year for the Christmas tree and Gardner Village has been a great place to get them, except this year. They were bought out by Modern Display and they did not have the ornament selection we were looking for, but we had fun looking at the Elves and feeding the ducks, even though it was freezing. It was a fun to spend the day with Alicia and the kids.