Monday, April 20, 2009

We Will Miss Grammy!

Our sweet and sassy Grammy passed away this last week, We will miss her, but know she is with her loved ones who have passed on ahead.

Unusual Easter!

Braxton had a fun Easter, but it was a crazy weekend. The weekend of Easter we found out I would be able to go in for surgery at very short notice so we took it. I had Laparoscopic and Hysterscopic surgery to remove some scar tissue, so that being said we didn't get many pictures taken for Easter. Luckily Doug did get some video. Braxton had some fun Easter hunts; at preschool, at Aunt Brynn's and of course the annual Smith Easter picnic. The Easter bunny was very good to him and brought him some goodies, toys and clothes. Doug was an especially awesome husband during this time and I want to thank him, I also want to thank all those who helped with food, thoughts and prayers. We have such awesome families and friends!

Braxton and Gavin coloring Easter Eggs

Braxton wanted a picture of my Owies, but we'll spare you.

Braxton hamming it up with the camera.

Craig and Linda sent these beautiful flowers.

Helping Grandma and Papa

This was a few weeks ago, Anyone who knows my parents know that they love their yard and it is beautiful! Every year they get their loads of compost for the garden and yard. Here are the grandsons helping Papa shovel it out of the truck.

Gavin was so excited to help.

Braxton giving me a big cheeser.

Logan, Damon, Gavin, Braxton and Papa

My mom with her beloved dogs: Coco, Tuxedo, and Gizmo