Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I just had some cute pictures of Bailey, and her expressive face I thought I would share with you.

Easter Morning

Easter Egg Hunts

Saturday was Easter Egg hunt day for us first we started at Discovery Park for the City Easter Egg hunt, then we had our Annual Smith Easter Picnic and then we ended the day with an Egg hunt with my family. It was so fun to watch the kids, Braxton of course is a pro at finding the eggs. Bailey was so fun to watch because she would get so excited and squeal when she found an egg. Needless to say we have plenty of candy.

Braxton getting ready.

Bailey wanted to start before the siren went off.

She loved holding the eggs.

Here's the little ones and their loot.

Coco was too lazy to finish the walk home, so he rode with Bailey, she was ready for him to be out by the time we got back.

Braxton and Malori counting how many eggs they found.

Hunter loved it, he wanted to open his eggs when he found them.

Mark making us laugh.

I wish I would have gotten more pictures, but with rain and trying to feed the kids it didn't really happen, but I was glad I got this fun picture, of all the new babies born over the past year and a half. In the Car seat is Sophie then Berkley, Greta, Bailey, Sadie and Maci and then the older girls Addie, Malori and Mia. We definitely have a lot of girls in the Smith Family.

Braxton trying to find the eggs.

Daddy helping Bailey

Will giving me a cheeser.

The Boys hid the eggs. Aaron had some tough hiding spots.

Coloring Easter Eggs

You gotta love coloring Easter eggs, we were lucky enough to have uncle Logi help us out. Dad boiled the eggs for us, so that was his contribution to coloring eggs. Braxton of course loved it and Bailey loved it being her first time and all. She thought they were colorful balls and wanted to throw them.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Midway- Spring Break

My parents reserved their condo in Midway for us kids for Spring Break, my parents both had other trips they had planned for Spring Break, so we tried to take full advantage of it. We had a great time relaxing, and swimming. It is so beautiful in Midway, and we had a great time. Bailey just climbed up in the chair and took a seat in Kyson's lap. They are so cute playing together. We went to a resturant in Midway and one of the waitresses kept asking if they were twins.

Brynn and Gavin

Camille and Braxton making silly faces.

This is a blurry picture, but I had to capture what the boys did most of the trip cuddling together having a Star Wars Marathon.

Braxton is our fish he loved the water.

Bailey would just lay against my chest pretty much the whole time.

Playing at the park

The boys wanted to climb a tree, so this was their attempts at climbing a pine tree. It was so funny watching them try to climb it.

Then we found a better tree.

This isn't the clearest picture, the pool area was too steamy, but I thought she looks so grown up sitting here.

1 Year check up

This is Bailey at her 1 year check up with Dr. Liddle. She really wasn't as grumpy as she looks. She really likes Dr. Liddle, but she didn't like the shots. She is growing up so fast, she isn't a baby anymore she is a toddler. She is 30.7 inches long (95%) and she weighs 20.7 1bs (45%), so needless to say she is still really tall.