Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun For All in Lake Powell

The Bullock Family was so gracious to invite us to Lake Powell this year again with Doug's Family. We had a blast, and didn't want to come home. We had all sorts of weather from sweltering hot to hail, but it was very enjoyable and we were in good company. Sorry there are lots of pictures, but it is hard to decide which ones to use and not use.

Ready to head to the house boat in the speed boat.

Bailey slept

Love this picture of Gretch.

Braxton kayaking with Connor

Brian and Malori

Doug is exhausted.

Braxton Swimming

Lots of Tubing: Gretch, Cora, Braxton

Malori, Lori and Erik

Madison, Doug and Craig

Doug and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary in Lake Powell

Craig, Braxton and Connor

Malori, Me and Braxton

Lots of smiles from Miss Bailey.

Sporting her new swimsuit which will be too small in a few weeks.

Swimming Galore

Rock On!

Bailey in her life jacket. We dipped her feet in Lake Powell and that was enough for her, too cold she said!

Moki Steps: The Moki Indians would have there own certain steps that only their tribe would know. They would live on top and use these steps to get water from the river.
Defiance House Indian Ruins:
Brian took us up the Forgotten Canyon to see the Defiance House Indian Ruins, They were really neat to see. Braxton was disappointed the Indians didn't still live here. We had to take two groups I went with both groups.
Jeff, Maddie, Gretch, Me, Bug and Craig
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Braxton looking up through their chimney.
Cameron, Braxton, Erik, Connor, Haley, Hayden and Cora

The Kitchen

Connor, Gretch, and Craig eating snacks.

Braxton on top of the houseboat
Picture of the houseboat, It is pretty big and very roomie, especially compared to last years boat.
Could always find these three together
and these three.
Bailey loved her first trip to Lake Powell. She was such a good baby.
Brian B. was our Captain and he did an awesome job even with the one goof up. Thanks so much for inviting us Brian and Lori we had a Fabulous time.

Thanksgiving Pointe Children's Garden

A few weeks ago we went to the Children's Garden at Thanksgiving Pointe. It is always a fun place for the kids to play, and they have even added a whole new section that has some really fun activities for the kids. Gavin and Braxton had a really fun time.

Playing in the sand.
I used reverse psychology to get Gavin to smile.

Bailey slept most of the time.

They were still finishing a few parts and they were bringing in big logs. Gavin loves trucks so he loved watching the bobcat.

Of course playing in the water the best part.

She is A-Gorgeous

Here is more pics of our sweet Bailey. Braxton likes to say she is A-Gorgeous, and we agree.