Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Popcorn Popping

Our tree in our backyard has its blossoms, it is so beautiful. It is so fun to have a yard of our own and to see all the leaves and flowers blooming. The yard work and gardening begin, luckily I have my Master Gardener Mom to help me.

I also chopped my hair, I love it! Not the best picture of me, still trying to lose the baby weight, but I got the doc's okay to start working out. Yeah, now if I can get enough sleep to feel motivated to do it.


Braxton went to the dentist last week. He is always so good at the dentist, and so they decided he was old enought to get some different x-rays, those x-rays showed up several cavities. So lucky us, Braxton will be having cavities filled, and Mom will be more diligent in Braxton brushing his teeth and laying off the candy.

Bailey was so good she slept the whole time.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bailey - One Month

Bailey was one month on her blessing day, so I wanted to write down some of her milestones.

  • She can smile a real smile, 3 1/2 weeks
  • She loves to hear her brother's voice, she will follow his voice.
  • She likes to grasp things close by, especially my finger when feeding.
  • She weighs 9 1bs. 8 oz. 75%, and 22 1/2 in. 95%
  • She has the cutest stretch when she wakes up.
  • Still waking up in the night, but will give me about 3 hours between feedings.
  • Hopefully getting better with the gas.

We love her so much!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bowling Fieldtrip

We went bowling for Braxton's preschool fieldtrip, since they are talking about sports this week. It was really fun to bowl with him. He did really good he got 110, of course he had the bumper pads, but then again he is only 5.

Choosing his ball.

He got spares on his first three frames.

He got a picture of me bowling.

He likes this little girl Ainsley, so he had to get a picture of her.

He got a strike on this one. Love the pose.

Bailey's Blessing Day

Sunday was such a special day, Doug gave Bailey a beautiful blessing. We had all our family and friends over to our house afterwards for a luncheon. We had about 73 people at our house, and it turned out great. It was a perfect day. We have such wonderful family and friends who have been great supports and examples to us, we are so blessed to have you in our lives and were so grateful you celebrated this time with us.

Brandon and Bailey, practicing for when his little one arrives.

Casey, Jared, Asher, Jess and Breille

Alicia and Will

Heather, Robyn, Mckay, and Cole

Kevin, Kelly, Alex, and Mary

Alison, Lori, and Rick

Nichole, Hunter, Brian, Suzanne

Logi and Camille

Alison, Rick, Kris, Nichole

Great Food, Thank You for all contributing


Our little Family

Jolynne and Mark

Jared and Brielle

Our babies

Grandma and Grandpa. My mom made Bailey's Blessing dress.

My Precious Kids

What can I say? I just LOVE these pictures! I know I am biased but my kids are beautiful.