Friday, February 26, 2010

2 weeks, or sooner?

We are getting down to our last few weeks, our emotions are filled with anticipation and a little anxiety. We are really excited for her to arrive, We have waited a long time for this, but we are a little nervous too, it has been five years since we have had a baby in the house. We are hoping it will all come back to us.

Braxton on the other hand is only feeling anticipation, he is so excited for Bailey to arrive, I can't wait to see his face when he finally gets to meet her. Being five years old he has waited a long time for a sibling and he can't wait to see her. This picture is a regular occurance either he wants to kiss, hug, or whisper a secret to Bailey. He is going to be such a good big brother.

Her room is just about done, and it is adorable. I just have two more things to add and then I will post pictures.

Braxton's Friend Birthday Party

Braxton had his friend's Birthday Party last Saturday, and he had so much fun. We did a frog theme and played a few games: We played tadpole, tadpole, frog (like duck, duck, goose), pin the tongue on the frog, and musicial lily pads. The kids were so good at participating with the games, and it seems like they had fun. Braxton had fun opening presents and got a lot of cool toys. Then to end it we had dirt oreo pudding and icecream sandwiches. So here are few pics of his party.

Jack, Ainsley, Emma, Braxton, Kate, Malori, Jack, and Bennett

Wolverine claws

Hot wheels truck

Equipment for bug hunting.

Enjoying there treats.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Braxton!

Braxton wanted to go to Pirate Island for his birthday, so we went with my family for dinner and games. The kids had so much fun playing. Then afterwards we came back to our house for dessert and presents. It was fun to see Braxton get so excited for his birthday this year.

The entrance to Pirate Island.

Arrrgg. Matey

The kids having fun on the playground.

The Spence Clan

Braxton is not a cake fan, but he loves Oreos, so I made an Oreo icecream cake.

Opening presents, Thank you everyone for the presents he loved them all. He loved the Transformers, and all the art supplies and bubbles. The next day that is all he wanted to do was bubbles, painting, coloring, and transformers.

Doug and I got Braxton a new bike, and Grandma and Grandpa Smith got him a bike helmet to match perfectly.

Five Years Old!

My lil' man turned five! I can't believe he is five years old, but at the same time I feel like he has been with us for forever. We can not imagine our lives with out our little bubba. He is so sweet, goofy, spunky, silly, and loving, and of course so darn cute! We have had five years with just him and have enjoyed every minute, and looking forward to new adventures with him. Braxton we love you so much!