Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3 more weeks

Technically I am 36 weeks, but we are scheduled for c-section in three weeks, so I am going by that. I am really excited, but I am starting to have some anxiety. It seemed so long away and now it is so soon, I don't feel like I am ready, but who ever is. Luckily most of my Christmas shopping is done, and we already have the baby things, so hopefully she stays on schedule and doesn't come any sooner. I love how excited Braxton is for her to come and Bailey says she is, but she has no idea what is happening. We are excited for her to come to our family, just not so excited for recovery, but I have done this two times so it should get easier, right?

Santa came to Town

Monday night we went to the park downtown to see Santa ride in on a fire truck and watch them light the Christmas tree. Bailey and Braxton were excited to see Santa ride in on the fire truck, but when Bailey gets close to Santa she is a scaredy. Braxton of course has never been scared of Santa. Santa talked to Bailey while I held her and asked if she wanted a dolly, she said yes, then Santa picked up Braxton and asked him what he wanted, and talked to him for a while, it was so nice we didn't have to wait in a long line to sit on Santa's lap and Braxton was able to tell him what he wanted. So begins our Christmas Festivities and so many more to come in the coming weeks.

Christmas Decorating

The day after Thanksgiving it was shopping and putting up the Christmas decorations. We got a new tree this year because our tree of ten years finally broke last year. I finally got a prelit tree and it was so much nicer putting it up this year. I also made an advent calendar for Braxton, he is so excited to start doing it, and I am excited to do all the Christmas festivities with him.

My Bailey Bean

Pretty soon my Bailey will not be my baby anymore. I am a little nervous with how she will handle having a new baby. She is such my sweetheart and I love getting to spend one on one time with her while brother is at school and daddy is at work. She is getting so big, she has been sleeping in a big girl bed for over a month now and she has done so well. She also doesn't have a bottle at all now. I can't believe how grown up she is becoming. She is so good at throwing garbage away and cleaning up after herself, she even cleans up after her brother. She says the cutest things, when she gets exciting about something, she says " I ike it", and she loves her cousins "ky ky", "illum" (William), and of course "Sadie". Her favorite song is "Tonight, Tonight" by Hot Chelle Rae. She sings "Tonight" in a high pitch voice and she loves dancing to it. I just love this little girl, and I know she will be such a good sister.


My Mom always says I was the girl with a curl, when I was good I was very good and when I was bad I was BAD. One of her favorite stories to tell is when I got into the desitin at my Grandma's house and got it all over. So the other day this is what I found Bailey with the desitin, luckily she didn't get it all over.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pregnant Belly

I thought I would finally update my ever growing belly with pictures. I can't believe we only have six weeks to go. Before we know it our little girl will be here.

28 Weeks

32 Weeks


We went bowling as a family Saturday and it was really fun. Bailey tied with Doug for a 96, I got a 95 and Braxton got a 69. It was fun to watch Braxton and Bailey, it was Bailey's first time and she was so excited to bowl.

Halloween Festivities

The Nightmare Express:

Carving Pumpkins:

The boys found a new way to carve pumpkins

Bailey kept trying to eat the pumpkin

Daddy did an awsome job carving

School Halloween Parade:

Halloween Night:


Bailey has a few obsessions her blankie and "Sullie", in other words the movie "Monsters Inc.".

Flag Football

Braxton did flag football this fall for the first time. It was fun to see him pick up how to play football a little better each game he played. He was a really good blocker. He had a lot of fun playing.

Family Pictures

Logan, Camille and Sadie joined us on a little drive up the canyon to Sundance, so we could get a few family pictures and see the beautiful Fall colors. We love this time of year.

My cute kids

Sadie Bug

Gardner Village

During Fall Break we made a trip up to Gardner Village with the cousins to see the witches. Bailey wouldn't get close to them, she was a little scared.