Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 New Year

Well I have a little updating to do, so here it all is, to start off with we'll start with ringing in the new year. We had a fun party with friends and family. We had good treats and snacks, played some games, watched some movies and had fun playing with all the toys.

Braxton, Gavin and Brielle had fun with all the toys.

Doug is great at games with charades.

Happy New Year! Don't you love Doug's many smiles.

Penthouse in St. George

My parents were able to get the Penthouse in St. George, so we made a quick trip because it was just two nights, but it was well worth it. The Penthouse was so big and very spacious! We even had our own private jacuzzi on our balcony. It was relaxing time, we ate good, played games, watched movies, and of course went shopping.

Swimming in their beautiful pool.

Playing trains with the cousins.

This was Brynn, Gavin, Braxton and I's room. I should have taken a picture of the Master bedroom. We each had our own bathrooms.

Braxton posing in the hot tub.

Logan and Camille making us dinner. It was so good they made Chicken pot pie.

Spence Christmas Party

We got together with the Spence side at Grandma Spences's house for our annual Christmas get together. We ate pizza, socialized and had our gift exchange. This year the theme was you had to bring a present that had your same inital. We had an enjoyable time guessing who's present was who's.

The two brothers, they look so much a like.

This is my cousin Aaron's cute little girl Olivia. I love her blue eyes and dark hair.

Friends in Town

Our McDougan Clan had some of our missing members in town during the holidays so we found some time to get all together and have breakfast at IHOP. It was so much fun to see everyone together (minus Joe and Debbie, we missed you two. Some of you we hadn't seen for a while. Hopefully we can do this every year.

Jared, Jeremy & Brittany

Jeremy & Brittany and new little Max, Kami & Jonny, and JD


Cute little Brielle

Steve, Mckenna and Carter, Drew &Kristine

Brian& Shandie, and Mat

Doug & I, Jared, and MD & Liz ( who had their little boy two days later)

Brynn & Casey and Gavin,

Braxton loves Brielle

Christmas Day!

Braxton let us sleep in Christmas morning. We were pleasantly surprised! It was nice we didn't have to go any where in the morning. My Parents came over for breakfast in the morning. Then all day we got to play with toys, Doug set up our new futon, and I had fun organizing. In the evening we headed over to Doug's parents and we had some good food to eat, and then we opened presents. It is fun to get together with Doug's big family.

Santa spoiled Braxton maybe a little too much.

Grandma Deana and Papa Bill brought more presents, Yeah!

Power Rangers, Braxton's favorite.

Logan in his nice Christmas pajama pants.

Papa Bill

I made Doug this Blanket, and I got a nice new upgraded camera that I took all these nice pictures with.

Opening presents with the Smith Family.

Christmas Eve

We made appearances with both families for Christmas Eve. First we went to Doug's sisters house were we had good food to eat, and we got to see Santa Claus. Braxton was sooo excited to see Santa! Then we headed over to my Parents were the grandchildren did the Nativity seen. It was so cute, especially Gavin as a Shepard. We also did our Christmas Gifts to each other as well. Thanks for all the fun gifts!

Braxton on Santa's lap

Doug have you been a good boy?

Nativity : Gavin- Shepard, Kylie- Mary, Braxton-Joseph, Damon- A Wiseman

Gavin opening Christmas gifts.

Everybody enjoying what they got.

Camille was sick so she didn't want her picture taken.