Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bailey Boo

Our little Bailey is growing up too fast. I haven't updated what she has been up to for a while. She will be six months old before we know it. So here is a little update on her. She had her 4 month visit and was 15 1bs. 1 oz. which put her in the 75% in weight and she was 27 in. which puts her over 100% in height, she is off the charts. We have a long little girl. She has started eating rice cereal and will be starting carrots soon. Her little teeth bother her a lot, the teething is not so fun. Still no teeth, mom is trying to decide if that is good or bad. She loves her toys the bumbo, the jumparoo and her bouncer. She is now grasping for her toys and putting them in her mouth. Not quite sitting up yet, she kind of sits, but leans forward. She loves her brother so much. She is always looking for him and gives him the biggest smiles. We just love our little girl and can't imagine our lives without her.

Bayloaf 4

A few weeks ago, we had a fun night watching our friend, Christopher Cox, one of the pharamacists at the Drug Store, play in his neighborhood band. They are called Bayloaf 4 really should be 5, they added a new member. It was really fun, and they were really good too. We keep telling them they're the up and coming band.

Bailey enjoyed the music and sitting in Papa's lap.

Christopher Cox

Bayloaf 4

Visiting Grandma Spence

We made a trip out to Tooele to visit my Grandma, she hadn't seen Bailey, so I thought it was about time we make it out there. We had a great visit and Bailey was so content sitting on Grandma's lap.

Slide and Diving Board

One his last day of swimming lessons, Braxton got to go down the slide by himself and he got to jump off the diving board for his first time ever. He is getting so big! It is hard to see him growing up, but at the same time so rewarding.


Braxton and Doug had never been to the Aqurium, so we decided to go up there earlier this month. Braxton was a little timid to touch the sting ray, but eventually did. The penguins were really fun to see and the South American exhibit.

The penguins were really active.

Where is he?

Bailey was sitting in the bumbo and could hear Braxton, but didn't know how she could look at him, so she bended over backwards to look at him. Flexible little girl.

Eating Mush

We decided to start feeding Bailey cereal. We were hoping it would help her sleep better at night. Verdict: yes, than no, I think its the teething. She took to the cereal really well. Soon we are going to start carrots.

Grandma got her this cute feeding chair, she really is excited to have it, or we should say mom is.

Random Summer pics


I know I am a little slow on updating some of our summer activities. We finally made it to the pool at the end of July. Bailey liked the water for all of about 5 min., but in her defense she had a fever from her 4 month shots. Braxton just loves swimming, he especially loves that he can go down the slide all by himself now.

Bailey isn't too happy.

Now she is, as long as she can chew on something.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This is our first year planting a garden and we have loved it thus far. Our tomatoes are doing awesome. We have gotten a few cucumbers and zucchinis as well. The pumpkins and corn will be ready before we know it.

Our first tomatoes and zucchini


Pumpkins are spreading like crazy didn't realize how much room they take.




Cute Cousins

Our sweet friend Kristine took these cute pictures of the cousins for my Mom, for her birthday. They turned out so cute. I didn't realize how hard it is to get 7 kids to look at the camera and smile at the same time.

I love this one.

She is adorable.

My handsome boy.

I love Gavin smiling at Braxton.

The older boys.

What can I say, she is just too cute.

I had to put this one on, because she is even cute when she is mad.

The two granddaughters

Little Will has such pretty eyes.