Friday, July 10, 2009

My little Singer

Braxton loves playing games and doing the activities on PBS. com and he wears ear plugs, so when he started singing I had to record him, but he didn't know I was. Sorry I couldn't figure out how to put the picture up right, but you can hear my child's beautiful singing.

Happy Birthday America!

One of my favorite holiday's is Independence Day. We start out the day with the annual balloon launch, usually go swimming, this year in Grandma's backyard and then have a barbecue and fireworks at the Smith's. It was a great relaxing 4th of July!

Balloon Launch
Gavin still wasn't quite awake.

But Kyson was bright eyed.

So was Braxton, Sometimes I think he is so much like his dad.

Grandma, Kyson, Alicia, Kylie, and Grandpa

Brynn, Gavin, and Grandpa

The three older boys

Braxton love Papa Bill,

and of course Uncle Logi.

Smith's Barbecue and Fireworks
Craig and Linda just had their wood pergola finished on the patio, it is gorgeous, as you can see, we were able to have our first Barbecue under it.
The Family enjoying good food and company.

Playing basketball, Kaegan, Craig, Braxton and Gretchen

Sweet Malori

The Cousins throwing snaps


As you can see Braxton got the Smith gene of being a pyro. Lighting fireworks is like opening your presents on your birthday.


Since July has been a lot warmer than June we have actually made it to the pool. It has been so fun to see Braxton use what he is learning in swimming lessons.

Brynn and Gavin

Brielle is so cute in her ladybug towel.


Braxton sliding down the slide, oops! someones in the way


I love my little boy, and he has the most active imagination, it is so fun to watch him come up with different ideas and games. We went to my Mom's house to swim in her little pool and he took my water bottle that was empty and started filling it with odd things and told me he was making a potion, so here is his finally product, anyone want to try it? It will make you beautiful, or turn you into a toad.

How can you not kiss that face?

First Time to Lake Powell

Two weeks ago Doug and I took a little trip with the Bullock clan down to Lake Powell. This was my first trip and I have to say I really enjoyed it! It was so beautiful! We had fun swimming, tubing, sight seeing, visiting, and of course eating lots of good food. Thanks Brian B. for inviting us.

Doug, Brian B. and Darrin either swimming, or using the free pee zone.

Aubs, Doug, and I tubing, Brian threw us all off.

Sight seeing, it is gorgeous down there.

Giving massages, Meg is gives the best massages.

Glitter toes

The Cathedral

Hayley and Aubs

Aubs, Bug and Brian at this beautiful Arch, which I cannot remember the name of.

Three Roof Ruins

Doug's shoulder was sun burned bad, so Lori leafed him up to help the burning.


Braxton did T-ball again this year. I was a little hesitant about having him do it again, but I am glad I did, he had so much fun and seemed to enjoy it more, it is amazing what a year of growth can do!