Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tulip Festival

Last night we went to see the tulips at Thanksgiving Point. Since it has been so cold later into the year the tulips are blooming later than usual. This is one of my favorite times to come to see the gardens, so if you are interested the tulips will be there until Mother's Day. Braxton had a fun time with his cousins running around and playing.

The tulips are so bright.

The sun was in their eyes. Braxton kept saying I can't see, the sun is in my eyes.

Kissing cousins

Braxton is showing off the flower he picked. No one tell!

I am amazed I got such a good smile out of him, usually he wants to do a funny face.

It is getting dark better head home.

Papa pushing the two older boys, who don't really need a stroller.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

First Sprint Triathlon

My polevault friend Tracy talked Me into doing a triathlon with her, and I in turn talked Brynn into doing it with us. I could not have done it without Brynn training with me. It was really nice to have a training buddy, and who better than my best friend, (other than Doug of course, I had already tried to talk him into doing it.) The triathlon was up at the University of Utah it was to help raise money for the 4th street clinic, a clinic for homeless people. The Med school help put on the triathlon and Traci is a 2nd year med student. The triathlon consisted of 300m. swim, 8 mile bike, and 5K run (3.1miles). The mountain biking was very difficult, I thought, but it was great to complete it and to say that I have done a triathlon. We are planning on doing the Pleasant Grove one in June.

This is me running out from just swimming.

Tracy and I are getting our clothes on for the bike ride.

Brynn and I getting ready for the bike ride.

Our wonderful husbands came up to support us.

Back from the mountain biking. Yahoo!

Running the last part, Braxton cheering me on.

Making it to the finish line.

Tracy is awesome, she came in way ahead of me. She did this last year, so we will say that is why. Hehe

Brynn finishing her run.

Thank You Brynn for doing this with me. We did it!

Battle wounds from my bike.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Emotions of a 3-year old




The joys of a three year old! We love him.

Sweet Boys

Aren't they the cutest things!

Rock Band!!

We had fun playing Rock Band at Chris and Emily's a few weekends ago. Braxton and Bennett show some real talent. Future Rockers, Rock On!

Gavin Turns 1!

We had a party for Gavin's 1 year birthday. He had fun trying to blow out the candles as well as the other kids, and he loved eating his cake. This kid will eat anything anytime. He has a real big sweet tooth too.

Little House

Grandma Deana and Papa Bill got the grandkids a play house for Easter. Daddy helped Papa Bill put it together. Braxton kept saying it was "his" little house. We had to explain it was everyones.