Monday, June 30, 2008

The Bird Flew Home!

Bird is Logan's nickname, and he flew home from serving his mission in Rio De Janerio, Brazil on Thursday. We were so excited to have him come home. Brynn made some cute posters, and we had balloons to celebrate his return. It is hard to describe the feeling we got when we saw him walk down those stairs, but it was wonderful to see him and to have him home. We love you Logi and are so glad you are home!

Mom and Dad watching the computers to see if his plane has arrived yet.

All of getting ready to see Logan.

Braxton is so excited to see his Uncle Logi.

All of us girls could not hold back the tears when we saw him come down the stairs.

Braxton actually beat my mom to the first hug.

Doug missed Logan just as much as I did.

Braxton is attached at the hip now, or should I say the shoulders.

Logan coming home

Doug is commentating.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thanksgiving gardens

My Mom sure gets a lot of use out of her pass to Thanksgiving gardens. We went a couple of weeks ago with some of Mom's friends the Hildebrandts. He was her bishop back in Oregon when she joined the church and they were very influential her life, at the time she joined the church and after, until she lost touch with them when she came to Utah. She has not seen or talked to them for almost 30 years, when one day in the temple she saw them. It was nice to meet them. It was fun to hear them say that they wondered what had happened to my Mom, and it is nice to see how well her life has turned out. They are such neat people.

This week we decided to go to the children's garden at Thanksgiving Point, because we never seem to make it to this garden, the other one is so big. It was so fun for the kids, I don't know why we didn't come here sooner. They had a blast playing.

There is a big Noah's Ark by the entrance with water all around that the children can play in.

There is a little cave that the kids can go down through a tunnel.

The kids can fun playing in the little lighthouse, it has a ladder they can go up as well.

The flowers are so beautiful.

Strawberry Days

Strawberry Days is so fun to exprience. We try to get so involved in everything as you can see. It was really neat to see Braxton get so excited for the activities. It is a great time to spend with our families as well. So here are some fun pics of our Strawberry Days activities this year.

During Strawberry Days the Drug Store has a big wheel that people can spin with prizes. One of the prizes is a strawberry pie. Linda works hard all week making the pies, so I try to help out with cleaning and topping the strawberries.


Doug's family is really into the Rodeo, for those that don't know. His parents go to the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas every December and sometimes we get to tag along. So his family usually will be at the Strawberry Days Rodeo every night. We have our usual seats and have a lot of fun watching the rodeo together.

Aren't they cute!

Brian and Lori enjoying the Rodeo. Brian giving a good back massage.

Mallori, Braxton and Bennett had so much fun.

Children's Parade

Huck Finn Adventures

Strawberry Days Parade

Malori and Braxton dancing before the parade

Braxton waiting for candy.

"Mom it's hot can I have a drink"

Everybody enjoying the parade.

The Carnival

Braxton and I waiting for the Ferris wheel

Braxton Mutton Bustin' at the Rodeo
Will he do it next year? As of now No, but hopefully we can talk him in to doing it again.

Swimming Lessons

Braxton is doing swimming lessons and he really enjoys it! He really likes his instructor, and he even knows her name is Sydney. I think he has a little crush on her.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Days Have Begun!!!

Well............. I know it has been a while since I have posted, so I am going to update you in one longggggggggggggg post. Sorry in advance. It has a been one busy summer so far and it has only been a couple of weeks, but I love it! Other than the potty training, I spared you the pictures on that one.

Memorial Day

I always think Memorial Day is the beginning of Summer, whether we were out of school or not. We had a great barbecue at Craig and Linda's, with lots of good food.

The cousins love to play on the swing set.

Since it was raining we got to try out the new shed it fits everybody just fine. We joked that we should have Thanksgiving in here, just add a few heaters.

Grandpa got a new horse swing and the grandkids love it.

And of course you can't forget Papa's ice cream. It is the best ice cream you will ever taste!

We had a good laugh when Kaegan got stuck in the mud.

Braxton started T-ball this summer he was so excited to get a mitt and ball. He loves when they get to hit the best.

There was a beautiful rainbow that we could not pass up taking a picture of.

Anniversary Trip

We took a short trip to Logan and then Midway for our anniversary. It is number 8 for us, on June 8th. I guess you could say it was our lucky anniversary. We took Braxton with us and Doug's sister Alison was so nice to watch him one of the nights while we stayed at Providence Inn. Before we headed up we went to the zoo. It was a really fun and relaxing weekend.

Braxton had fun playing with his cousin Eric who got this 4 wheeler for his birthday.


Then at the end of our weekend we stayed in one of Grandma and Papa's condos in Midway. Brynn, Casey and Gavin came to join in the fun.

It is so pretty in Midway.


Last Thursday we went to Lagoon with my family. Braxton had so much fun riding all the rides. He even liked Tidel Wave even though he looked really sick during the ride. After every ride he would say "Lets ride that one again."

Gavin was not happy riding the bumper cars. He wanted his mom.


Saturday Alicia, Brynn and I participated in the Pleasant Grove triathlon. We did it as a relay team. Brynn went first and ran the 5K, next I did the biking 8.5 miles and then Alicia swam 500m. It was really fun to do with my sisters.

I am in the green shirt and I am just getting done with the biking.


And this is where we will be most of this summer. We have a pass to the AF rec. They have a fun kids pool and Braxton loves to play in it. So if anyone wants to come.
Well that is the beginning of our summer and there is plenty more to come. I hope I didn't bore you too bad. Hope you are all having a great summer!