Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

Doug and I went to Las Vegas to go to the National Finals Rodeo. We went with our friends Lisa and Hayes Thomas, and we met Craig and Linda down there. We stayed at the Golden Nugget. It was really fun to get away and to have some relaxing fun. Braxton stayed with Doug's sister Allison. Here are some fun pictures of what we saw and did.

Craig, Linda, Brent, Suzanne watching the Rodeo.

The Golden Nugget has an awesome new pool. They have this big fish tank in the middle with sharks and exotic fish. The pool has a big tube slide that goes right through the fish tank. We had to try out the pool, but it was freezing outside. We went down the slide a few times and then hung out in the hot tub.

The atrium in The Bellaigo has the most beautiful flower arrangements. They change it for every season. It is fun to see the different arrangements. The Christmas arrangement is beautiful and when you walk in the atrium it smells so good. The atrium is one of our favorite things to see in Vegas.

This card was made all out of flowers, pinecones and needle plants. Amazing!

The best for last! I love to watch the fountains at The Bellaigo. It is my favorite thing to see in Vegas.


Losee's said...

What?? Is that Doug smiling? You got some good pictures! I like the one of you two at the fountains.

Losee's said...

I told Casey that Doug was smiling in all the pictures, and he said "Of course, Doug's two favorite things, Vegas and the rodeo!" That makes sense...haha

Kallee said...

Autumn, I am jealous. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun in Vegas. Jake said he was able to see you guys a couple of times. What a great break!

Robyn said...

Looks so fun, we have to go next year! Its a great tradition!