Monday, January 24, 2011

Ice Skating and Sledding

Since it is Winter we decided to do a few winter activities in January. The beginning of the month we went sledding with the Bullock family up to Tibble Fork. We had a lot of fun, and a few crashes. Braxton hit a few hard bumps, but he kept going up. Bailey loved sledding, but didn't want to be put down.
Then the next week we took Braxton ice skating for the first time. We made the mistake of taking Bailey and they won't let you hold a baby while on the ice, so Doug and I took turns with Braxton. He did really well, by the time we were done skating, he was starting to get it. So next time we go he will be a pro.

Braxton ice skating.

Cora, Bug and Hayden

Doug, Braxton, Cora

It was sure a workout carrying a tube and Bailey up the hill.

Hayden and Cora

Bailey and Malori relaxing a bit.

She liked sledding with Daddy.

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