Monday, November 26, 2007

McDougan Get Together

My clan of friends from highschool, use to call ourselves The McDougan's. I try to get us together every so often. Shandie was in town from California, so we wanted to get everyone together. We had a fun time reminising about highschool and the good ol' days. We had almost all the kids there. Jonny and Kami have two more and they are down in Arizona.

The little chillians :Brielle (Jess and Jared's), Carter (Mckenna and Steve's), Braxton (Ours), Gavin (Brynn and Casey's) and Abigail (Joe and Debbie's). They look so happy don't they.
Here are the girls: Shandie, Jess, Autumn, Mckenna, Debbie, and Brynn

and the Boys watching football downstairs: Jared , Doug and Steve

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