Monday, December 7, 2009


I have been meaning to post all these in November, but as you can see never did, so I will catch you up with November before all the December posts start piling up.

Fall Leaves

Now that we have a house, we have yard work, and we had lots of leaves to rake in November. Braxton would come out and kind of help me. He was excited to jump in the piles of leaves.

Bean Musem Fieldtrip

Braxton's November fieldtrip was to the Bean Museum. He loved the Reptile presentation, and kept asking are those animals real.

We had a wonderful relaxing Thanksgiving. I should have taken more pictures. We ate with Doug's family at the Smith's house, watched some football, played games and just had a great time socializing. Braxton had so much fun with all his cousins.
I feel so blessed to have Doug and Braxton and our wonderful extended families. I am especially thankful at this time for our house and our little girl who is on the way, it has been a long time coming to get her here and I am just so thankful that she is healthy and on her way.

Braxton playing with the cousins

Brian and Grandpa cutting up the turkey.

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