Thursday, February 10, 2011

50th Wedding Anniversary

Doug's Parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. We had to have a big party to celebrate! We celebrated at Noah's with good food and good company. Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad, we love you so much, Congratulations!

Mom and Dad

Bailey and Alison

Caecee and Maci

Line up to eat.

Gretch says its good.

They even gave us a game room for the kids. Braxton had so much fun with his cousins.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


I thought I would post about two of our milestones this month. Braxton lost his first tooth, he had been working on it for about a week then finally decided to toughin up and get it out. It is crazy the feeling I felt when he told me he had a lose tooth, and then when he lost it. I was so overjoyed for him, and at the same time thought I have a kid old enough to loose a tooth. I am sure those of you moms who have had kids loose their teeth understand. Also, Bailey is starting to walk, or I should say taking steps. She hasn't fully committed to wanting to walk quite yet, but before we know it she will be walking all over the place.

Braxton's tooth

The next morning when the tooth fairy came. He got a $2 bill.

I thought I would throw some cute pictures of Bailey in the tub.

Hardware Ranch

We went up to Hyrum, with Doug's Family to visit Hardware Ranch. It is always a fun gathering, we see the Elk on a sleigh ride and then we go eat lunch together at Maddox.

Bailey looking at the Elk with Grandma.

Braxton having fun with Grandpa.

Some the Smith Clan.

Braxton with his big cheeser.

Bullock/ Owens girls

Bailey with Grandma and Grandpa.