Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Year in Review

One of my friends did this on her blog, and I loved it, so I am going to copy you Rachel.

I Can't believe today is New Year's Eve! The year has sure flown by. I thought I would look back over the year and put my Top 10 events, places, or things I have done over the past year.

So here is a list of my Top 10 for 2009:

#10: Hardware Ranch/ Lake Tahoe

We went to Hardware Ranch, up Hyrum Canyon, and had so much fun looking at the Elk. We went with Doug's Family and had such a blast!

I was debating about Lake Tahoe because even though it wasn't the best trip (refer back to an earlier post) my family did manage to make parts of the trip fun.

#9 Lagoon
This one is more for Braxton and Doug since I couldn't really ride anything, but I loved watching how excited Braxton was to ride all the rides and be with his cousins and Dad.

#8 Strawberry Days
I love Strawberry Days!! We were able to do so many fun activities, Make pies for the store, watch Kyson win the baby contest, Huck Finn Days, The Parade, and of course the Rodeo. Braxton rode a sheep and did so well he almost took first place. As of now, he said he will ride again next year.

# 7 Logan & Camille's Wedding
This year our baby brother Logan was married and now we have a new sister Camille. They had a beautiful wedding and it was so much fun to celebrate with them. Braxton has so much fun with Logi and Camille.

#6 Lake Powell
Doug and I were invited down to Lake Powell with the Bullock Family this year and we had such a blast with them. I had never been to Lake Powell and I absolutely loved it. I couldn't get over how beautiful it is! It was such a relaxing vacation and Brian B. was such an awesome tour guide.

#5 Stay At Home Mom

This Year was the start of a new job: A Stay at Home Mom! Who wouldn't want to spend every moment with this darling face? Really, I love it! I love that I can catch every new moment with this little munchkin.

#4 San Diego Trip

Doug is the best at surprising me with trips! So for our 9th Anniversary he surprised me with a trip to San Diego. It was wonderful! We met up with our friends Jake and Kallee and had fun at Coronado Island, a Padre's game, and we even did a spur of the moment day at Disneyland. We also stayed at the Hyatt just off Mission Beach Bay, it was Beautiful!

# 3 Our New House

We moved into our new house in October, and we just absolutely love it! We have more room, a garage, and a landscaped fenced in yard.

#1&2 Baby Bailey
I couldn't decide if this should be #1 or #2, because when for two years you want something so bad, and you pray and ask, and don't why you can't have it, when it finally happens it is even that more precious to you. You don't always know why you go through your trials, but it sure makes you a stronger person and definitely helps you appreciate what you do have. We are so thrilled that our little Bailey is finally on her way to us, and I know we couldn't have done it without all the prayers from our family and friends.

#1 My Boys

This is what I love most of all this year is spending time with my two boys. I loved this day we went on a family outing to Cascade Springs and it was just so nice to spend time with them in the beautiful outdoors.

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