Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well Santa Claus did make a stop at our house this year, and we were spoiled. Braxton was kind enough to let us sleep in till 9AM. It was so fun to see his face when he saw what Santa had brought him, but it was even more fun to watch him get excited for Doug and I to open our presents from him. We had a relaxing morning with both Grandparents stopping by to see what we got and give us presents, then we went to have dinner at Doug's parents house with his family. We had a wonderful Christmas and are so excited for our belated present to arrive in March. She even got a few early presents of her own.

Braxton opening his first present some Curious George books.

He got what he had been asking for, Benda what? Bendaroos!!

and a skateboard

Grandpa Bill and Grandma Deana came to visit Christmas morning.

Some of our Bendaroo creations.

Braxton made this creation it is a dumbell and he is trying to lift it.

Braxton and his many presents.

Santa also brought a surprise a beta fish and two frogs, since Mom accidentally killed the last frog.

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Rachel K. said...

I miss you! I'm glad to see you are doing so well though. Happy New Year!