Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thanksgiving gardens

My Mom sure gets a lot of use out of her pass to Thanksgiving gardens. We went a couple of weeks ago with some of Mom's friends the Hildebrandts. He was her bishop back in Oregon when she joined the church and they were very influential her life, at the time she joined the church and after, until she lost touch with them when she came to Utah. She has not seen or talked to them for almost 30 years, when one day in the temple she saw them. It was nice to meet them. It was fun to hear them say that they wondered what had happened to my Mom, and it is nice to see how well her life has turned out. They are such neat people.

This week we decided to go to the children's garden at Thanksgiving Point, because we never seem to make it to this garden, the other one is so big. It was so fun for the kids, I don't know why we didn't come here sooner. They had a blast playing.

There is a big Noah's Ark by the entrance with water all around that the children can play in.

There is a little cave that the kids can go down through a tunnel.

The kids can fun playing in the little lighthouse, it has a ladder they can go up as well.

The flowers are so beautiful.

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