Monday, June 30, 2008

The Bird Flew Home!

Bird is Logan's nickname, and he flew home from serving his mission in Rio De Janerio, Brazil on Thursday. We were so excited to have him come home. Brynn made some cute posters, and we had balloons to celebrate his return. It is hard to describe the feeling we got when we saw him walk down those stairs, but it was wonderful to see him and to have him home. We love you Logi and are so glad you are home!

Mom and Dad watching the computers to see if his plane has arrived yet.

All of getting ready to see Logan.

Braxton is so excited to see his Uncle Logi.

All of us girls could not hold back the tears when we saw him come down the stairs.

Braxton actually beat my mom to the first hug.

Doug missed Logan just as much as I did.

Braxton is attached at the hip now, or should I say the shoulders.

Logan coming home

Doug is commentating.

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