Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Days Have Begun!!!

Well............. I know it has been a while since I have posted, so I am going to update you in one longggggggggggggg post. Sorry in advance. It has a been one busy summer so far and it has only been a couple of weeks, but I love it! Other than the potty training, I spared you the pictures on that one.

Memorial Day

I always think Memorial Day is the beginning of Summer, whether we were out of school or not. We had a great barbecue at Craig and Linda's, with lots of good food.

The cousins love to play on the swing set.

Since it was raining we got to try out the new shed it fits everybody just fine. We joked that we should have Thanksgiving in here, just add a few heaters.

Grandpa got a new horse swing and the grandkids love it.

And of course you can't forget Papa's ice cream. It is the best ice cream you will ever taste!

We had a good laugh when Kaegan got stuck in the mud.

Braxton started T-ball this summer he was so excited to get a mitt and ball. He loves when they get to hit the best.

There was a beautiful rainbow that we could not pass up taking a picture of.

Anniversary Trip

We took a short trip to Logan and then Midway for our anniversary. It is number 8 for us, on June 8th. I guess you could say it was our lucky anniversary. We took Braxton with us and Doug's sister Alison was so nice to watch him one of the nights while we stayed at Providence Inn. Before we headed up we went to the zoo. It was a really fun and relaxing weekend.

Braxton had fun playing with his cousin Eric who got this 4 wheeler for his birthday.


Then at the end of our weekend we stayed in one of Grandma and Papa's condos in Midway. Brynn, Casey and Gavin came to join in the fun.

It is so pretty in Midway.


Last Thursday we went to Lagoon with my family. Braxton had so much fun riding all the rides. He even liked Tidel Wave even though he looked really sick during the ride. After every ride he would say "Lets ride that one again."

Gavin was not happy riding the bumper cars. He wanted his mom.


Saturday Alicia, Brynn and I participated in the Pleasant Grove triathlon. We did it as a relay team. Brynn went first and ran the 5K, next I did the biking 8.5 miles and then Alicia swam 500m. It was really fun to do with my sisters.

I am in the green shirt and I am just getting done with the biking.


And this is where we will be most of this summer. We have a pass to the AF rec. They have a fun kids pool and Braxton loves to play in it. So if anyone wants to come.
Well that is the beginning of our summer and there is plenty more to come. I hope I didn't bore you too bad. Hope you are all having a great summer!


Olivia said...

It sounds like you are having a fun summer. We would love to come to the AF pool with you sometime!

Aubrie said...

How fun! You guys have done more in a few weeks than what most people do in an entire summer!!

Robyn said...

I am so proud of yu for finally updating! what am I saying I have been horrible! I forgot to tell you happy anniversary! Looks like you had so fun!