Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Strawberry Days

Strawberry Days, as always, was filled with lots of fun activities. So here are a load of pictures to show what fun we had.

Strawberry Pies:
Every Year the Drug Store has a wheel customers can spin during Strawberry Days and one of the items on the wheel is a Strawberry Pie. I have helped Linda in years past, but this year I got to take over the pie making with the help of Hayden and Lori. We made 10 pies every morning.
I was so mad I never got a picture of a finished pie. Just so you know they were gorgeous and very yummy.

Concert in the Park:
We love going to the Concert in the Park. This year was "Northfield" they are a band in my parents ward. They are really fun to listen to especially because they play songs we have heard before.

Braxton doing I don't know what, gangster signs?

Mom and Bailey

Brynn and Kyson



Sleeping for a little bit

Lots of smiles

Baby Contest:
Well of course I had to enter Miss Bailey, especially after her brother Braxton won the year he was born, and because she is so smiley and she WON! She won the Speciality category "Strawberry Days" for 0-9 months. She put on the smiles for the judges.

At the judges table

Kristine, Aria, Bailey and I

She won a trophy, gift card, and certificate. She is asleep.

So precious.

All the Speciality Winners.

It was hard work being so cute.

Doug and Braxton enjoyed two nights at the rodeo. Bailey and I just went to one, because Miss Bailey had a hard time sleeping there. Braxton did the Mutton Bustin, and mom was not quick enough to get it recorded, she didn't think he was going to be the first one. So here is the only picture we got after he fell off. He was really sad he didn't win the trophy.

Bailey's first Rodeo.

Daddy, Bailey and Braxton

Mom and sleeping Bailey for a little bit, not long enough.

Logan and Camille

Papa Bill and Grandma Deana.

Huck Finn Days:
We love Huck Finn Days! We aren't great at fishing with poles, but we love to get in the water and catch fish with our nets, or I should say I do.

Gavin, Brynn, Braxton and Damon with their fishing poles. Grandma Deana and Papa Bill got each of the Grandchildren their own fishing poles. Grandpa Bill was such a good sport trying to help everyone with their poles.

Mom and Bailey, Alicia and William

Papa Bill helping Braxton

Bailey Boo enjoying Huck Finn Days in Grandma's lap.

Everybody in the catch some fish.

I caught a fish.

This year I got Braxton to get in and stay for a while. He wanted to catch a fish, but he gets nervous thinking they are going to bite him.

Parade and Carnival:
We enjoyed the Parade at our usual spot in front of the Drug Store. This year Daddy was in the parade for Smith Rexall Drug

Rick, Kris, Maddie, Brandon and Bailey.

Brandon loves holding Bailey, practice for when his little girl arrives next month.

Getting Ready to watch. Braxton, Camille, Malori, Asher, Emily and Bennett.

First Parade. Bailey wants to sleep.

Braxton and Malori.

Daddy driving the Mustang.

After the parade we hit the carnival, so Braxton can ride some rides.
Hayden, Malori, and Braxton

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Kristine said...

Strawberry days is so much fun! You guys do so many fun things. Thanks for sharing!