Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We went to Lagoon a week ago with Brian and Lori's Family, and we had so much fun. Braxton loves Lagoon, he loves to go on all the rides. He isn't quite big enough to do the big rides, but hopefully next year. Thanks Brian and Lori for planning it!

Doug and Braxton on the Dinosaur drop

Braxton's first time on the Bat.

Malori's first time on the Bat.

Lori and Gretchen

It's hard to see but the is Malori and Cora, Malori was really upset that she got wet!

Braxton and Malori had fun together on all the kiddie rides.

Doug, Gretchen, Hayden, Aubrie, Cora and Braxton about to go under the waterfall.

Lori, Brian, Madison, and Brent

Braxton and Malori on the train

Aubrie, Hayden, Cora, and Madison

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