Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Hogle Zoo

On Friday we went to The Hogle Zoo with my Family, before school starts. It was a good day to go, we got some rain and it cooled us off, except we forgot to go on the train first and so when we did go to get on the train it started raining and they had to close it down, but the animals were fun to see and they have several new baby animals. We wanted to see the new baby elephant, but she won't be on exhibit for a few weeks.

Braxton is loves maps right now, so he was so excited to get a map of the zoo.

I love this picture, the giraffe is sticking his tongue out to get the leaves.

This is the new baby giraffe

This is the snow leopard and her new baby sleeping in the misters.

Gavin and Camille

Braxton, Gavin , Damon, and Kylie

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The Hansen's said...

I loved all of your posts! It's fun to see all the summer fun you've been having. Braxton keeps getting more and more handsome! Glad that your summer has been full of fun times!