Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vegas Vacation

Braxton and I went down to Vegas with Brynn, Casey and Gavin for Fall Break. Doug was suppose to come, but due to having surgery on his shoulder, doctor told him it would not be wise. I am really not a bad wife leaving my husband all alone at home after surgery. I told him I would stay but he insisted we go. So needless to say we had a fun vacation in Vegas, but missed Doug not being with us.

So to share with you, here are a "few" pics of our Vacation in Vegas.

In-n-Out Burger is one of our favorite places to stop.

Braxton loved the "whales" dolphins at the Mirage.

There were four new tiger cubs and they were playing for us.

The fish tank in front of the Cheesecake Factory.

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Leons said...

Autumn, your pics of Vegas make me wish I was there!! Believe it or not but I miss talking to you too. I think about you and your family often. I hope things are going well. How do you like your new job? I have a pic of my belly only it's finding time to actually get it on!! I need to take another one so people can see the comparison! This year is definitely different than the last 2 years; I do tend to compare a lot but it's good. Yah it's hard to believe I almost have 6 wks. to go. I'm trying to update my blog often it's just hard sometimes, I'm sure you understand. I hope all is good with you and your family. You look good, not pregnant, but good!!! :)