Monday, October 6, 2008

Family Fun

A week ago we celebrated Kevin's (Doug's brother) and Rick's (brother in law) birthdays. We had dinner at Kris' house and then the kids had some fun. They had a huge banner that was used as a slip and slide, they warmed up in the hot tub, and the "older'' ones played ping pong. So here are few pics of the cousins having fun.

Gretchen going down the slip in slide. They put soap on the slide to make it more slick, so at the bottom there was a lot of bubbles.

Madison and Kaegan going down the slip in slide.

Braxton and Malori thought the slide was too cold so they opted for the hot tub.

The cousins enjoying the warm hot tub.

Ping Pong fun! Braxton is trying to help Dad and Caecee.

Brian and Hayden the opposing team.


Foxyboxy said...

Forget the kids going down the slip n slide. I think I would have fought for the chance!! That is awesome!

The Hansen's said...

So fun! I love that the dogs are running down the slide too! What a fun time!