Sunday, March 16, 2008

Classroom Projects

In teaching 1st grade, there are many fun projects that we get to do. In History we are learning about the country Mexico and in Science we have been learning all about the ocean and the ocean life. In History we learned about where Mexico is and about the Yucatan Peninsula, so my students were suppose to create a brochure for the Yucatan Peninsula. I had some really creative brochures. We also talked about Mexican holidays so we made pinatas, then we had fun trying to hit our pinata and get all the candy. In Science we had a big Culminating Event where all the parents came to look at my students' Corral Reef dioramas. They did there dioramas at home and then brought them to school to share. They were all so creative, and it was fun to see the student's who you could tell that they did all the work themselves. So here are some fun pictures to show off my students' work. Enjoy!

Our beautiful pinatas. They worked in groups.

This student had a very creative brochure with real sand and she had real pictures of her because she had went to the Yucatan Peninsula.

This Corral Reef diorama was very creative and it had this really neat ball foam that was sticky and squishy. You couldn't help but touch it.

The little girl who made this was really creative by using food to make her corral reef.

This little boy used pictures from the internet and then he used string to make them look like they were swimming.

When Braxton saw these it said "It's Finding Nemo".

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