Friday, April 27, 2012

Bailey Bean

My Sassy Bailey is such a joy!  Everybody asks how having three kids has been and I always say it hasn't been that bad because Bailey is such an easy going, good girl.  She has made the transition from two to three easy for me thus far, that might not be the case in the future, but for now it has been very manageable.  Bailey is also a big help to me like her brother, she loves to help me with Avery and she mimicks things that I say to Avery.  It is funny to hear her high pitched " Hi Avery Girl".  Bailey turned two in March she had a birthday party with the family.  She has grown up so much since Avery was born all of sudden she was not a baby anymore she is a little girl.  She is such a good talker and can communicate so well, which in turn helps to have no tantrums.  She is sassy and has her own little attitude.  She is such a special girl and are so lucky to have her.

Bailey and her posse

Awww... Sisters

1st time in the snow, March 1st

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Camille Spence said...

I sincerely hope my Sadie girl is going to grow up to be as sweet and as funny as Bean. For reals!