Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Steamboat Springs

I am a little behind and I am trying to back track and update our blog. We took a trip to Steamboat Springs Colorado in July. My parents booked their condo for the week. Doug the kids and I drove out with Logan and Camille and met my parents and Aaron there. Doug, Logan, Camille and Aaron just stayed for the weekend then came back early while the kids and I stayed the rest of the week with my parents. We had a really fun trip and did so many fun things. I love going to Steamboat it is a lot like Park City, a little ski town. We hiked to fish creek falls, went bike riding, rode the Alpine Slide, did a little shopping and did a lot of swimming. I love that my parents invite us on vacations it is nice to have these fun memories with our family.

Doug, Aaron, Logan and Braxton making a four man tower in the pool.

Fish Creek Falls

Aaron, Mom and Dad

A hot air balloon landed in the field right by the condos.

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