Friday, June 24, 2011

Las Vegas

A couple weeks ago the kids and I took a quick trip to Vegas with my family. My parents had reserved one of their condos and so we decided to join them. It was a quick trip, so we didn't do much sight seeing. The condo we stayed at had lots of different pools to swim in, and that is what the kids like doing best, so we did a lot of swimming. We did make it to the Belliago one day though, I made sure we did at least that. The fountains of course are my favorite, the atrium was fun to see all decorated for Independence day and of course we got a crepe at the crepe shop. It was a fun little trip.

There was parrots in the atrium and Braxton and Bailey loved watching them, Bailey of course squealed with delight.

I thought how fitting, this is how we spend our Independence day at the balloon festival.

My parents with the Liberty Bell

Braxton found Darth Vadar had to get a picture with him

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