Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Girl is 6 months

We can't believe our baby girl is already 6 months old. She is such a joy to have and is happy almost always, especially if she is with mom. So here are some fun pictures of her and some of her stats:

  • She can sit up, but would rather not.

  • She can get her knees underneath her and rock, she will be crawling before we know it.

  • She is a Momma's girl, but loves it when Daddy comes home.

  • Her face lights up when she sees Braxton.

  • She loves to sleep on her tummy and in a little ball.

  • She will look at someone till they look at her, then give them a big smile.

  • Weight: 16 1bs. 14 oz. 75%

  • Height: 27 1/2 in. still over 100%

  • When she is happy to see someone she does this ahh sound.

  • Braxton loves to pretend to eat her tummy and make her giggle.

  • Has ate carrots, squash, beans, and peas and will be starting fruits next week.

We just love our little girl and can't get enough of her smiles and giggles.

She loves her jumparoo

Bouncer is still okay, but not for long.

Braxton loves taking baths with her.

I love the way she sleeps.

Now she is playing with me.

She is usually happy when she wakes up.

Sitting up 6 months.


Kallee said...

She is such a beautiful baby. I want to kiss those cheeks. Time flies...I can't believe she is already 6 mos.

Unknown said...

Aaah! She is such a doll! I love little Bailey!