Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Festivities

Coloring Easter Eggs

Braxton and Gavin coloring Easter eggs. Braxton said some funny things while we were coloring eggs. One of the eggs was a little cracked and Braxton said " I don't want it to hatch!" Then Gavin was eating an egg and Braxton saw that the middle of the egg was yellow, and he said " Oh so is the middle of the pink egg pink?" We had some good laughs.

Easter Egg Hunts
Braxton participated in three Easter egg hunts. He did the city egg hunt, the Smith egg hunt, and then with my family. Let's just say we are all egged out.

Bailey's first egg hunt in the stroller.

Logan helped hold the bag for Braxton, so he could get more.

Annual Smith Easter Picnic
Due to the weather we had the Easter Picnic in Craig's Barn, and it turned out great. The heaters were going and then later the Sun finally showed through. The kids had a blast playing all together and of course we had great food, as always. It was fun to relax and visit with everyone.

Jeff and Madi, soon to be married in June. They are such a cute couple.

Goodman's, Keetch's, Hansen's

Aubs and Mya

Madi and Brandon holding Bailey, expecting their first in August.

Rick, Grandpa and Grandma enjoying the sun.

Cora, Hayden, Caecee and Braxton having fun on the carts.

Bailey doing some more sun bathing.

Easter Morning
Braxton had fun trying to find his Easter basket and eggs. The Easter bunny even brought something for Bailey for her first Easter. We also enjoyed listening to General Conference this Easter.

Squirt gun and ring toss game.

Finding eggs, what a pose.

Enjoying the candy.

Miss Bailey's Easter basket.

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