Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We have been blessed to have such great family and friends come and visit and help with meals. Thank you so much for all your help. Sorry, to those I was not able to get pictures of.

My mom was the first one at the hospital after Bailey was born, but some how we never got a picture of her at the hospital, but she has been so kind to come over and keep me company, make dinner, help with cleaning and take Braxton. Thanks Mom

Aunt Brynnie and Bailey

Big Brother's first time holding her.

Grandma Smith

Grandpa Smith

Camille, Logan was there too, just didn't get a photo of him.

Andrew and Kristine and Aria came to visit.

Casey, Kyson, and we talked Pledger into holding her.

Lori and some of the Bullock clan came to visit.

Miss Malori holding Miss Bailey and Gavin has Doug's I phone, it sure helped entertain the little ones while at the hospital.

Papa Bill and Grandma Deana.

Daddy with Bailey, it was kind of boring so his I phone entertained him as well.

Dr. Liddle helped assist Dr. Watabe with the c-section. He is our family doctor and was so good to visit and make sure we were okay, he even took some great photos of Bailey.

Cousin Damon

Cousin William and Kylie

Kate and Kallee came to visit the day we came home

Papa Smith when they came to bring us a delicious dinner. We are so lucky to have such great families.

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