Friday, February 26, 2010

Braxton's Friend Birthday Party

Braxton had his friend's Birthday Party last Saturday, and he had so much fun. We did a frog theme and played a few games: We played tadpole, tadpole, frog (like duck, duck, goose), pin the tongue on the frog, and musicial lily pads. The kids were so good at participating with the games, and it seems like they had fun. Braxton had fun opening presents and got a lot of cool toys. Then to end it we had dirt oreo pudding and icecream sandwiches. So here are few pics of his party.

Jack, Ainsley, Emma, Braxton, Kate, Malori, Jack, and Bennett

Wolverine claws

Hot wheels truck

Equipment for bug hunting.

Enjoying there treats.

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Foxyboxy said...

Thanks for inviting Bennett. He still tells me he ate "dirt" at Braxton's house. Strange what sticks with them... :)