Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What happened to October?

I thought I would finally update the blog for the last month. We have had an exciting, crazy, busy October and Doug was just saying "What happened to October"? I can't believe October is almost over, so here are few things we have been up too:

Baby William
Alicia and Bob had their baby boy William Robert Jackman, on September 29th, so we had fun visiting them at the hospital, Braxton was so excited to see his new cousin, he is adorable and has the cutest chubby cheeks.

Witches at Gardner Village

We went up to West Jordan to see Alicia and went to see the Witches at Gardner Village, it was fun to see all the witches. I love how cute Gardner Village is. Braxton had fun finding all the witches and feeding the ducks.

Our New House
One of the reasons October was so exciting and busy was we moved into our new house. We didn't move far, we are still in Pleasant Grove. It happened really fast and we are loving our new house, with more space, a yard and a garage. I would show you more pictures, but I am still trying to get decorations put up, so that is to come later.

We try to make it up to Sundance, while the leaves are changing, it is so beautiful, we were a little bit later this year, mainly because it was such a busy month especially with Doug. The Drug Store has been remodeling and Doug has worked lots of extra hours. He also had a business trip for the Drug Store, he left the day we moved in, so we finally had a change to take a relaxing drive up the canyon together and see the beautiful scenery.


Olivia said...

I am excited for you guys to be in a house and expecting a baby! Congratulations.

Christopher said...

I agree with Doug: Where DID october go? I love October and it is slipping out too quickly! I think it's the holiday season--back to back excitement and fun!! :) Congrats on the new house--I'm excited to see it when you're unpacked and settled. And I'm sure you'll be more excited then, too!

Leons said...

Autumn, your hair is getting so long, it's cute. Congratulations on your house! I'm so excited for you. You're going to love having your own house with neighbors you can't hear...well hopefully!! How is the pregnancy going for you? Have you found out what you're having? I hope all is well...I too have to enter what has gone on for the past month...busy how life gets. Congrats again!