Monday, December 15, 2008

Annual McDougan Christmas Party

This past weekend we had our annual high school friend Christmas Party. It was great to be able to get together and see everyone and catch up minus a few who are out of the state, but hopefully we will see them in a few weeks. Thanks everyone for the fun party!

Steve, Mckenna and Carter

Jared, Jess and Brielle

MD and Liz

Joe and Casey (their a couple) Hehe

Joe, Deb and Abigail

Drew and Kristine

Braxton has eyes for Brielle

Jess and Brynn

We always have a white elephant gift exchange, so here were some the gifts.

Braxton was so excited to get this dinosaur model kit.

As you can tell Kristine was excited to get this bed pan with a surprise inside.

Brielle, Gavin, Braxton, and Abigail. Carter was on his way home for bed.

This was the other present we stole, that Braxton just loved! Nobody wanted to steal from him because he was so excited with his gifts.

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