Monday, July 14, 2008

Bear Lake Trip

We had a relaxing trip to Bear Lake last week, with my family. We stayed in my parent's condos. The Lake was such a beautiful blue and the weather was great. We had such an enjoyable time together, we swam in the pool, rode some fun Surray bikes, golfed on a beautiful golf course, played some tennis, and of course you can't go to Bear Lake without trying their famous Raspberry shakes. We had a very enjoyable time, Thanks Grandma and Papa!

Starting off our trip, Brynn, Gavin, Logan, Braxton and I went up a day earlier and dads came up the next day. The boys were so excited to have Uncle Bird sitting between them.

This the back side of the condos we stayed in.

There was a little playground the kids had a fun time playing on.

Grandma and Papa have their own bike together and Logan has his own pimped up bike.

We got the large Surray bike so we could fit four adults and the two little ones in front.

Logan was such a wild man with his bike, his chain came off three times during our bike ride.

You can't really guess who's birthday it is with all the kids wanting to blow out the candles. It was Alicia's birthday on July 10th. She is the big 30 this year. Happy Birthday Alicia!

Logan hasn't swam for two years. Looking pretty white!

I went golfing with the boys to a beautiful golf course, it had a great view of Bear Lake. It was so much fun golfing I need to do it more.

The kids had fun trying to play tennis, who am I kidding I am still trying to play tennis. Logan has started giving me tennis lessons so next year you will see me in the French Open, In my dreams.

and then it was time to clean up and head home. Picture taken by Braxton, there were many more, but I didn't think you wanted to see the floor. Now Doug, Braxton and I head to Florida in a week. We'll update you when we get back.


Robyn said...

looks like you guys had a blast! I have never been to bear lake looks fun!

WorldmedTourism said...

Good family