Friday, May 9, 2008

P.E. Specialist

I have a new job for next school year. I officially signed my contract yesterday with Alpine School District. I will be the P.E. Specialist at Meadow Elementary in Lehi. I will be teaching P.E. to all the classes 1st through 6th. I will be part time and my hours are 9-2 Tuesday-Friday. It is the perfect job for me. One of the best things is I don't have to drive 40 min. to work everyday. I am so excited to get ready!


Aubrie said...

Congrats! That sounds like the perfect job! And please don't feel bad about laughing at our bat story! Everyone laughed when they heard it. It really is funny and quite the story!

Trint&Chanel said...

Yes I can't believe how big Braxton is and definalty a hansome little boy. It will be fun to keep in touch now and hope everyone is doing well!