Thursday, January 24, 2008

Girls Night Out

Brynn and I had a girls night out with some of my fellow polevault girlfriends, Trisha and Traci. We had some fun eating dinner and catching up with what is going on with each other. Trisha just had a very cute baby named Reese in November, and I am kicking myself for not getting pictures of her. Well next month I will have to get some pictures. Traci is busy going to Medical School at the U. Sometimes we think she is crazy to do all that school, but really we are just jealous of her accomplishments. I love you girls!

Brynn, Me, Trisha and Traci


Kallee said...

I really don't have a commment about your GNO (girls night out). I just thought you looked really cute in white :) You should wear it more often!

McKenna Gordon said...

You look so tan!